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Can Kids Undergo Dental Implants?

Can Kids Undergo Dental Implants?

Your kid is in his/her pre-teens, and everything is going well when suddenly one of their teeth fell while playing. You may go through plenty of dental implants reviews in Zanesville to find the best professional for your child. But is a dental implant the right answer?

In this piece, we’ll discuss whether a dental implant is an ideal option and all the alternatives for you. Read ahead!

Patient Qualifications for Dental Implants

While a dental implant is a standard procedure for adults, they’re not the ideal go-to option for pre-teens or tots. Dental implants are not suitable for children because their jawbones have not fully matured.

If a young person goes through dental implants, it may impede his/her jaw growth. It will also restrict the rest of the teeth from coming naturally. The dental implants are positioned directly into the jawbone. You must know that the dental implant does not move as swiftly as a natural tooth.

The minimum age for dental implants for both genders is as below.

·    For boys, it is at least 17 years.

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·    For girls, they should be at least 15 years.

Alternatives to Dental Implants for Kids

We are sure that no pre-teen or teen wants to move forward with a missing tooth. Instead of leaving the gap, there are other alternatives to a dental implant as well. You can go through the list of the ideal options for dental implants below.

·    Bridge

·    Removable partial denture

·    Braces

·    Space maintainers

Summing It Up

If your child is below the recommended age, it’s best to consider the alternatives. These age barriers have been set for your advantage and care, so the only option is to follow them. However, alternative procedures will work equally well for your child.