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Components That Run Power To Your Home

Components That Run Power To Your Home

There are a lot of things that will be required to run power to your home.  Most people don’t really realize how power works, nor do they really wish to know.  However, knowing how power works and how it is delivered to your home can be a great benefit to those who end up having a problem.

The first thing is when a house is built, they do what is known as stubbing out the walls.  This is where electricians will mark out where outlets and other items will go.  Once this is done, breaker installation in Box Elder, SD is started. 

The breaker is a component that channels all of the power from its source into the house and then to all of the items that were stubbed out.  So look at it like a chain.  A wire comes from the electrical pole outside to your house.  Then this is connected to the breaker box.  Then the breaker box will have wires running to all the outlets and switches.


An outlet is a location on your wall in your house where you will be able to plug in your devices.  They are usually located towards the ground in your room.  Depending on where these outlets are located, you will be able to plug in your devices at those locations.


breaker installation in Box Elder, SD

A switch is a way to turn on and off a circuit in your home.  When a circuit is active, power is flowing to that circuit.  If the switch is off, the power is blocked.  This allows us to turn on and off lights and manage the usage of power in specific areas.

When it comes to power in the house it is a very simple concept, but can be confusing if you don’t deal with it on a regular basis.  If you have an issue with your power, an electrician will come in and focus on these areas to get you back up and running.